Extension Blogs

I posted this list on my blog asking for their feedback and advice on blogging, let's see what they have to say:
The Post

Anne Adrian: http://www.aafromaa.blogspot.com/
Excellent post about advice for new bloggers
Notice the conversation in the comments here
and here

Extension Trends from Jerry Thomas: http://extensiontrends.ag.ohio-state.edu/
His blogging advice here

Lead2020, Mitch Owen: http://lead2020.blogspot.com/

Larry's Ponderings, Larry Lippke: http://tceblogs.tamu.edu/mt/larry/

Kevin Gamble http://blog.k1v1n.com/

Deb M Coates: http://www.extension.iastate.edu/mt/dcoates/

Jason Young: http://rambleon.org/

Ryan Pesch's Farm and Produce Blog: http://peschfarm.blogspot.com/